"Quant gives me the
opportunity to grow"

"Quant gives me the
opportunity to grow"

Jon Persson Hagström is a guy driven by new challenges. He lives in a beautiful region called Dalarna, in Sweden.
– I appreciate everything that Dalarna gives me, in the form of a rich outdoor life and the challenges I get in my job within Quant at the same time, says Jon.

Jon’s career started as a Development Engineer six years ago. At the start-up of Quant, 2014, Jon was offered a role as a Maintenance Technical Manager at Quant in Ludvika. Only two months later he got offered the position as a Site Manager as well. For a while he managed the both, but even if he understood it could be intensive for a while, he never really hesitate to take the chance.
– I got the opportunity to be involved in an interesting journey. The confidence shown by my colleagues and managers made me say yes.


New role

Today, Jon has begun a new role, as Quant Area Business Manager in the Northern part of Sweden. On top of that, he’s also responsible for Quant’s development unit,
Operational Excellence, in Scandinavia.
– I’m passionate about customer service and the development of our business. In my new role, I get to work with both, says Jon with a smile on his lips.
– Quant is a growing company, I have colleagues all over the world and every day offers new challenges. We are also a company that is in the forefront regarding
industrial maintenance and modern technology. It makes me both inspired and proud, says Jon.

The triangle
Jon considers himself as very calm and stable person. Stress resistant. When he needs to make important decisions, he always brings a picture of a triangle. Jon’s
triangle includes promises in balance in life, which consists of three equal parts:
Job – Privacy – Recovery: Always give yourself time to rest and try to leave all the job at site. If you do, it will raise the performance and the motivation will increase.
– No one can be fully effective 12 hours a day for a longer period in their job. I think it is extremely important to be able to find the things or places that make you
drop your thoughts on work. For me it is the forest and the lake – these places make me feel relaxed. I rarely think about my job when I am in that environment.
But when I’m at work I focus 110% on my job instead, says Jon.


Quants training – good tools
Another part that motivate Jon, that has been a good tool in everyday life, is Quants leadership program. It has helped him a lot in his daily work.
– It is important to be able to prioritize. The leadership program has been very valuable for me, together with my own gut feeling, says Jon and continues:
– Do you enjoy your work, it works at home and vice versa, concludes Jon.

A guy who never really aimed for a career, but who always sought challenges with the goal of always excelling regardless of the assignment.