Digital toolbox

Digital toolbox

Digitize your maintenance with Quant’s digital toolbox

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"Quote from customer
about the improvement”

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"Quote from customer
about the improvement”

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"Quote from customer
about the improvement”

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Measure and maximize OEE

• Accurate and automatic measurement of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

• Cloud based solution with user friendly interfaces, including on your mobile

• Scalable from a single machine up to multi-site production plants

• All industries supported (Process Industry, Discrete Manufacturing , Food & Beverage, ..).

• Easy and quick implementation

Learn more about quantEffect
Predict & prevent failures, understand machine health

Cloud based condition monitoring system

•  Supports various sensor manufacturers

•  Supports various sensor types (vibration, pressure, temperature, current, …)

•  Alarm limits for multiple machine health parameters

•  Automatic email notification

•  Automatic notifications to various maintenance (CMMS) systems

•  Running time based maintenance support (thus to replace/complement calendar based maintenance)

Learn more about quantPredict
Efficiently manage maintenance activities

• Improved operational efficiency

• Decreased administration activities

• Extended interface towards Operations

• Improved data management quality

• Convergence of information on a single support

• Transparency increased

• Opportunity to detect and highlight potentialities and new opportunities

Learn more about quantWorx
Boost safety & sustainability

Empowers the safety culture

• Gives instant access/information around safety hazards

• Simplifies continuous improvement and knowledge sharing

• Increased transparency and performance management

Learn more about quantShield
Customer tailored site dashboard

In-depth analysis of operational and business data

• Can be delivered to customers own Business Intelligence system or viewed through Quants selected software

• Complete KPIs management

Learn more about quantNumbers

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