Partnering with customers for success

Over 30 years ago we invented our maintenance management and execution approach. Since then, we have worked hard with many customers in many industries, at management and shop floor level, to help them realize the full potential of maintenance and achieve long term business benefits.

Pulp & Paper 

For decades we have been one of the most recognized maintenance outsourcing partners for pulp and paper producers around the world. We have full responsibility for the maintenance of many production lines, including those at some of the world’s top performing and largest mills. We are able to develop and implement our maintenance methodology across entire mills, optimizing both capital and operating expenditure, generating long term sustainable results to be proud of.

«Quant has good people with substantial maintenance knowledge and a commercial mindset. Very professional.» - Operations Manager, China

Mining & Minerals 

We understand the unique maintenance and business challenges of the mining and minerals processing industry. The harsh environments and uncompromised focus on safety, equipment reliability and efficiency mean that world-class maintenance practices are paramount. With years of experience working for some of the leading companies in the industry we have proven that we can add significant, sustainable value in both greenfield and brownfield operations.

«We are very pleased with the progress we have made with Quant. They definitely have the motivation, skills and talent to manage maintenance as well as the metrics to prove it.» - Executive Vice President, USA


We have extensive experience of maintenance outsourcing in the metals industry, mostly within aluminium and copper smelters, iron and steel mills and nickel refineries. Our focus is typically improving ROCE, where increasing availability and reducing cost is paramount.

«Co-operation works well when you partner with professional, experienced and motivated people who understand how to make things happen.» - Maintenance Manager, Finland

Chemicals & Petrochemicals 

We are a trusted global service provider to the chemical and petrochemical industry. Our maintenance outsourcing and management experience spans more than 40 plants over the past three decades, in both greenfield and brownfield projects. Our processes, tools and capabilities are adapted to meet the unique needs of the industry.

«I wanted a minimum saving of 10% on my total maintenance cost. Quant helped me achieve this and much more.» - Managing Director, Germany

Discrete Manufacturing

We provide maintenance outsourcing for a broad range of discrete manufacturing companies where each line and product, continuous ramp-ups, ramp-downs and changeovers need special attention using motivated, fast and flexible professionals.

«Quant has helped us build a sustainable safety culture that ensures that every one of us goes home to our families healthy and safe after each working day.» - Production Manager, Estonia

Food & Beverages

We offer a full portfolio of maintenance outsourcing services that help food and beverage makers reduce energy consumption and waste, as well as manage equipment and processes more effectively.

«It is really positive to see the change in culture that has taken place among our maintenance engineers, and its impact on the business, with Quant in charge.» - Site Manager, Sweden

Service Stations

In several countries we have the organization in place to manage the total maintenance of utilities and technical equipment for nationwide networks of service stations. Our central call centre receives all service requests from service station personnel and distributes them to the nearest maintenance team for immediate action, whenever and wherever needed.

«Partnering with Quant has lifted us to a substantially higher level of maintenance excellence.» - Manager, Italy

Oil & Gas

As an experienced service provider to the oil and gas industry, and with continued development of the services we offer to both upstream and downstream facilities, we are uniquely positioned to support the ever-changing requirements of the industry.

Our processes, tools and capabilities are adapted to meet the unique needs of the industry, and are proven to create real value for customers all around the world.

«Our plant has implemented new environmental protection standards and we are very pleased that Quant helped us meet the ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements.» - Operations Manager, Argentina


In addition to providing maintenance services for many utilities, including conventional and renewable power generation plants, our advanced knowlesdge of automation, instrumentation and control systems enables us to go to beyond maintenance to include full responsibility for operations of entire facilities.

«Quant had a proven approach and the right people to take over our maintenance outsourcing process and to implement it successfully.» - Senior Executive, Finland