Our offering

Our offering

Quant is a leader in the global industrial maintenance services market, working in almost every industry. The core of our value proposition consists of improving safety, creating organizational equity, driving plant performance, and cost alignment. The approach is to view the maintenance function as a profit contributor, and not as a cost center, with Quant as the partner driving this transformation. Our services are not one-size-fits-all, they are offered and designed through tailored Quant-Customer partnerships, emphasizing shared risk and return, common objectives, and a contract structure linked to each unique customer situation.

Generally, there two main categories of Quant-Customer maintenance partnerships:

Total Maintenance Partnership

In the first category, Quant take responsibility for maximizing the potential of all aspects of maintenance, from management to organization and execution of all site activities for corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as shut downs, upgrades and modifications. We take a holistic approach and commit to improving safety, productivity and energy efficiency while optimizing cost.

To improve the maintenance function Quant leverages our global experience built up during the last 30 years. Quant works with a site based model that lifts and develops the competence within the maintenance function. That means that both the strength of the local team and the global maintenance experience is used to reach the set target for productivity and cost optimization.

Maintenance Execution Partnership

A maintenance execution partnership means that Quant takes the responsibility for executing maintenance in accordance with customer requirements related to safety, productivity and cost. Quant uses our global experience to set up a maintenance team that optimizes the use of maintenance competence within the organization. A Maintenance Execution Partnership can include all types of maintenance areas including mechanical, electrical, automation and facility.

The maintenance execution partnership brings value to our customer through a competent maintenance workforce with a clear understanding for customer targets and our role in delivering that.

Additionally, Quant can also take on smaller scope such as maintenance of non-core processes and equipment categories, such as utilities and facilities.

Quant Smart Maintenance

Our service offerings are built on our concept Smart Maintenance. Quant Smart Maintenance is  a systematic approach to drive change management within the maintenance function and integrating the smart work methods such as condition based monitoring, Online overall equipment efficiency (OEE) measurement and artificial intelligence. Quant Smart Maintenance realizes the full potential of maintenance.