Partnering with customers for success

Over 30 years ago, we invented our maintenance management and execution approach. Since then, we have worked hard with many customers in many industries, at management and shop floor level, to help them realize the full potential of maintenance and achieve long term business benefits.

Here you will find a selection of references from our customers around the world and examples of the work we are doing in various industries.

*Map showing our different locations in some way

Better plant availability with lower costs

Our customer, a manufacturer of capacitors, circuit breakers and components, was in need to improve plant availability and reduce maintenance costs, with the need of improve its preventive maintenance.

This is what we did to help our them improve plant availability and lower their maintenance costs

Increasing production and cost efficiency

Our customer is one of the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium and a leading producer of platinum and copper. They needed to reduce costs and improve machines reliability, and asked Quant for help.

Read about how we helped our customer increase production and cost efficiency

Use of quant tools to reach the full potential

The customer is a manufacturer of cardboard from recycled fibers for food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, non-food packaging and graphical applications. The mill has about 200 workers.

This is how our customer reached the full potential of maintenance using Quant tools

Immediate reduction in production downtime

The customer is a multinational oil and gas company. They have a production capacity of 14 million liters per month (lube oil) and 450 ton per month (greases).

Read how we helped them reduce the production downtime immediately 

Increase of OEE and plant availability

The customer is an important actor in the Southern European Food & Beverage sector. They were facing too high maintenance costs and also low Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

This is how our customer increased their OEE and plant availability