Use of Quant tools to
reach the full potential

Use of Quant tools
to reach the full potential


Client is a manufacturer of cardboard from recycled fibers for food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, non-food packaging and graphical applications. The mill has about 200 workers.

– Production capacity of the mill: 170.000 ton per year

– Customer target: value creation of 12,2 M€ in 5 years (5,4M€ of Costs Effectiveness and 6,8M€ of Performance Improvement OEE)

Our solution

– Contract type: Total Maintenance Outsourcing

– Contract scope includes all maintenance activities spanning from management and organization to corrective, predictive and preventive maintenance

– Solution based on increased productivity by reducing equipment downtime, improving performance and prolonging asset lifetime

– Optimization of management of sub-contracting agreements and improvement of warehouse management and purchasing process

– Introduction of CMMS (INFOR – quantWorx) and site dashboard quantNumbers as reporting tool

– Installation of quantEffect to measure and monitor OEE in real-time in the carton mill (6 lines/machines running)


– Mill production record achieved, boosted by the  increased technical availability

OEE increase from 80.9% to 85.3%

– OEE monitoring system (quantEffect) installed

– Total Maintenance cost reduction

– Reduction of failures applying failure analysis techniques and preventive maintenance plans